Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nike78—Impressions in the Air

We have chosen to challenge the function of our pair of NIKE shoes by letting the shoes tell their “life stories” through an olfactory medium.
It is also not common for us to sniff used shoes. In this case we would like our audience to get real close to our pair to have a whiff of where
they have been to with their wearer. The work is based on 10 fictional impressions that our NIKE shoes reminisce during their journey till
now expressed through the sense of smell. We made a silicon mould of our pair of NIKE shoes and cloned 10 pairs of plaster “ghosts”.
Each clone pair is embedded with a odor depicting a particular scenario
the shoes have encountered. Next to each pair of clones is a very
short description of the scent on the shoes providing the viewer (or sniffer) a clue of what scenario they are experiencing through the sense of smell.