Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nieuw Wonderland 01

Art direction for Nieuw Wonderland/a Mind Twist Café

An "experience catering" concept by Meike Ziegler, Nieuw Wonderland is a combination of a Grand Café,
a gallery and a bazaar with a surrealistic twist. A place for people to connect with one another, talents like artists,
actors, healers, chefs and coaches can tout their knowledge at Nieuw Wonderland. They can even try out new skills,
for example by playing the role of a waiter or waitress for a day, offering visitors food, drinks and dialogue.
Through the exchange of thoughts they contribute to the visitors' experience and tell their own story at the same time.

Nieuw Wonderland is a place to experience and self-reflect. Like "Alice in Wonderland" you are placed in a fantastic new world,
a life-sized kaleidoscope draws you in and arouses your curiosity so that you cannot help but to join the show.